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Charles Houghton-Webb

Sound engineer & computer musician

  Charles Houghton-Webb... when I was young... I thought that life was so...
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Born at a very early age in London, England, he started entertaining the family at weddings and occasions as from the age of four! His first "group" was in a duo doing vocal harmonies with his sister! Serious involvement with bands started in his early teens doing rock and pop on the London circuit, and between England and France, he has not stopped since.
   He followed a career as a professional guitarist and singer in French variety bands for some fifteen years plus, and cultivated a passion for technolology in general, and computers in particular, which naturally led him to the use of computers to treat sound in every possible way. He has followed the progress of personal computers from their early pioneering days, right up to the present day wonders that he could hardly dream of thirty years ago! He has written several pieces of music software over the years (from a sampler on Sinclair Spectrum to room accoustic calculation and MIDI programmes on Macintosh and iDevices), and has of course long since converted his analog studio to a totally digital version. His virtuosity in the digital domain is the natural progression of his thorough understanding and use of all the traditional recording methods.    Settled in France for more than thirty five years, he has worked in some of the best studios in Europe, including the world renowned Abbey Road studios in London, with many top level artists bands and orchestras in the variety, classical and jazz music fields.
   Amongst his many other activities, recording, mixing, mastering, re-mastering, etc... he taught computer technology for sound engineers in France's biggest private music school, the IMFP in Salon de Provence, and has been one of *Eric Breton's close collaborators for nearly thirty years.

* Eric Breton is now one of France's more renowned composers... check out his web site, if you haven't done so already.